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2024 Spanish tax update

Please see our article for the latest Spanish tax changes: Article on 2024 tax changes

Spanish non resident income tax explained for non resident property owners

If you have non-resident status in Spain and own Spanish property, you will be liable to a number of taxes including Spanish non resident income tax, local property taxes (IBI and waste tax) and possibly wealth tax.

Non resident income tax returns

Setting up your new business in Spain

Anyone wishing to set up a business, must decide whether they wish to trade in their name or via a company.

Setting up your new business in Spain

Beckham Law

Spain introduced a favourable tax residency regime a number of years ago aimed at attracting foreign footballers, executives and employees to Spain. It was rumoured at the time that this legislation was brought in by the Spanish Government to help appease Spanish football clubs hence why it was named the Beckham law. Up until 2022 it allowed employees or Directors with less than 25% in the employing Company to be taxed in Spain as a non-resident for income tax and wealth tax in the year of change and following five years. From the 1st January 2023, the regime was opened up to people in other situations, please see below link for further information.

Article on the Beckham law 2023 amendments

Spanish Reporting Requirements

The end of 2012 saw the introduction of new reporting requirements for Spanish residents in relation to foreign assets. This law introduced legislation obliging all Spanish resident taxpayers to report foreign assets exceeding €50,000…

720 Spanish reporting requirements

Resident visas (Golden Visa) for non EU investing in Spain

The end of 2013 saw the introduction of law 14/2013 in Spain. This law allows non-EU foreigners who make a significant investment of capital in Spain apply for a special “investors” residency Visa…

Foreign residency visa investment article